My kids lovingly and adoringly pose for pictures without complaint every time I ask *cough, cough* and that is 100% true. Or it is not at all true and the smiles in these pictures were eeked out of them by making references to disgusting bodily functions. Either way, these two are a couple of my biggest cheerleaders. They’re always ready with a “That’s BEAUTIFUL, Mom!” or other exclamation of affirmation. When these two yahoos arrived on the planet 10 years ago, everything changed, as it does for every parent when they welcome a new life (or in my case, lives) into their world. But what I didn’t expect is that their arrival would slowly change my work life, and would lead to a drastic change in profession. That first step of leaving my career in higher education after 13 years led serendipitously to other opportunities, which I had faith would lead me where I am supposed to be. I thought I had landed there when I started my current full-time job. The work I do allows me to use different parts of my brain, fits my interests and strengths perfectly, and the schedule works well with my kids’ busy lives. What I didn’t know when I accepted that position was that I would end up doing graphic design and photography as a part of my role, and that led me to where I am now: still loving the work I do at my “day job”, but also fully on board with this new adventure that has presented itself.

So here I am: gainfully employed mom of twins and two puppers, ever-loved and ever-loving wife of a school administrator, daughter of a couple of amazing role models, cyclist, and Blues enthusiast… persuing a new dream. A life-changer.

Tell me about your life changer!

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