When I think about this new adventure, I sometimes get a little nervous. I’m almost 40; why on Earth would I want to start something brand new? How will I fit THIS in too?

I have said from the moment the idea for Blue Sun popped into my head that I feel like I’m just supposed to do it. As I go along, the details keep falling into place, so I just keep going. But when those moments of doubt last a little longer than a fleeting thought, I let my mind go back to 1972. No, I wasn’t born yet… But, that was the year my grandma, who was 47 at the time and had 12 kids, graduated with her degree in nursing. Forty-seven. Twelve kids. Starting a new career. I think I can do this.

Who inspires you? I’d love to hear your stories.

photo credit: Ted Slowik

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