Everyone needs a partner. Someone to bounce ideas off of… someone to share in successes or help you through the tougher moments. Marketing and design for your business is no different.

As I’m starting this company, I’ve been working with a marketing professional to help get my feet under me and get this thing off the ground. Hannah Bretz of HB Digital Marketing and consultant for the Small Business Development Center has been instrumental in helping me understand what strategies I should be using to gain traction in the marketplace. She’s also my outside eyes for my website and social media, letting me know what looks good and what I need to change. That’s important to me because sometimes I’m so “inside” my stuff, it’s hard to see it how a potential customer might. And I’m a designer!

So, what about you? Have you had someone from the outside look at your branding, your marketing materials, your social media… and help you evaluate the message you’re sending? How are you using the various marketing channels you have available to you? Do you have a consistent message? What does your customer see? Find someone who is able to see your business from a new angle and give you honest feedback about what you’re putting out there. You might need some tweaking and fine tuning to best reach your intended customers… or maybe it’s time for a complete overhaul.

Once you’re ready with your new direction, I’d love to help you with the visual aspect of it. Let’s be partners in design.


{Hannah Bretz – left / Kate Hansen (me) – right}

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