Visual repetition creates recognition and familiarity, and that builds trust. It’s why you have a logo, why you use certain colors, and why you are consistent in your font choices and messaging. Your customers have learned what to expect from you. 

Let’s talk about taking that concept into your holiday advertising! Here’s how:

  1. Start with a little disruption to what they expect to get them to stop scrolling. Do that by creating a event image or logo (using a tool like Canva) specific to your event or sale, and use it in your social media profile image. Make it something NEW but still tied to your branding.
  2. Then blast that image all over. You can add in Instagram posts, a Facebook event image, whatever you need – just make sure each one is sized right so it looks fantastic on desktop and mobile.
  3. Use that image or logo across all of your marketing platforms – social media, flyers, print ads, web ads… all of it. 
  4. Using that image consistently and repetitively reminds your customers again and again that this BIG THING is happening and they should come check it out!

Example of social media holiday marketing

Here’s an example. Below, you’ll see I took this coffee shop logo and jingled it up for the holidays.

coffee shop logo without holiday lights beside logo with holiday lights and decorations added in

Then I created a Facebook profile image and Facebook cover image for the sale.

You can create any kind of assets for whichever social media you are most active on.

You can also create a .png file to place on images related to the event, carrying that imagery even further!

Of course, you can do all this yourself using online tools like Canva or PicMonkey. If you’re short on time, check in with me. I just might have some ideas to add some sparkle to your holiday marketing!

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