My photography services are generally limited to taking photos for designs I have been hired to create; for example, I will take product images for use in an advertisement I am designing. These services are billed at an hourly rate, and I then retain the image files. The image files would be available for purchase for unrestricted use at a per-photo charge. I’m also happy to use photos you already have in my designs, as long as they are of high quality and appropriate permissions are in place.


copywriting & editing

It’s important for your business to represent itself well in its communications. Marketing with grammar, spelling, or other errors can leave a potential customer with a bad first impression. You also want to be sure the message is communicated clearly and in an appropriate tone. However, not very many small businesses have it in the budget to have a copywriter/editor on staff. That’s where I can step in! When you hire me to create a design for you, opt to have me proofread or edit the content you’ve written, or choose to have me take your thoughts and write the copy for you.

Even if I’m not working on a design project for you, I’m available to proofread and edit  your communications, such as newsletters or email blasts, so you can showcase your business or organization in its best light every time.

Below are some sample pieces that I’ve either written the content, or I proofed the content the client wrote. You might also visit What’s New to read my blog and get a sense of my writing style.

Photo credit is given on any photographs I didn’t take; if no credit is listed, I took the photo.

graphic design for businesses

From custom artwork and logos to social media assets to print projects, I can help!

Whether it’s printed or for the web/social media, I can take your message, polish it, and make sure it’s directed to the right audience. With marketing, writing, editing, and designing experience, I can take your existing branding and create new pieces, or help you highlight your strengths and market them in a new light.

For your documents and forms, visit document design.

Photo credit is given on any photographs I didn’t take; if no credit is listed, I took the photo.

Social media and artwork

Print marketing




document design

A well-designed document can help your customers understand your message or move through processes easily and without confusion, so they need less direction from you, which in turn saves you time. From forms to user guides and manuals, your documents should be visually appealing, easy to understand and use, and align with your branding. Let me help you redesign your company or organization’s important documents for usability, clarity, and customer appeal.

For full PDF examples of documents I’ve designed, please click on the links below:

CIE 2017-2018 Annual Report

Mankato Area Public Schools – High School Registration Guide

Mankato Area Public Schools – High School Planning Guides

graphic design for families

If your family, organization, or team is in need of someone to bring your creative project to life, let me help!

Some of the items pictured below are sold in my Etsy shop.

Photo credit is given on any photographs I didn’t take; if no credit is listed, I took the photo.