early to rise

Mornings are hard. The bed is warm and comfy, and on weekends there’s no alarm going off to call me out of it. But something I’ve learned about myself is mornings are when I accomplish the most. While the house is still and quiet, while the birds are singing their morning songs, while the sun hasn’t yet breached the horizon… that’s when I’m killing it. Coffee fuels my little brain cells, and they’re cooking up new ideas, accomplishing tasks on the checklist, and moving things forward.

I’ve found that to keep myself motivated, giving name to three benefits/results is helpful. I identify an immediate, an ongoing, and a future benefit for whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish. For example, when I’m not motivated to work out: the immediate benefit is I feel stronger and better about myself on days when I work out. The ongoing is I’m healthier, stronger, and more fit (and that leads to my jeans fitting better). The future is I know that when I’m aging, a lifetime of fitness and healthy choices will give me better quality of life as my time on Earth sunsets. When I’m feeling unmotivated, whether it’s for a workout or a task I don’t want to do, I try to think of benefits in these three contexts. At least one of them gets me going.

So, when the morning comes and the desire to stay in bed is greater than my desire to get up and get to work, I use this little trick. Then, as painful as it is to flip back the comforter and put soles to carpet, I know that the moments that follow (once I get my eyes fully open) will make it worth it.

What is your trick for staying motivated?

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