FLEXIBLE: My document design needed the capability for me to edit it each week. We worked through solutions together one-on-one. Any time I wasn’t quite sure about something (and I tend to be a little picky), she would tweak it and send me different options to choose from. GREAT AT COMMUNICATION: I was involved with every step of the design process and any time I had a new idea, I would shoot her an email and she would incorporate it right away. We were also able to utilize zoom to talk face-to-face and share screens to check out each other’s design ideas/work. FRIENDLY AND UNDERSTANDING: Toward the end of my project, I had a personal emergency that didn’t allow me to check over things. She postponed the invoice without question and told me to take all the time I need. I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the final product and the service provided throughout the project.

― Amy M. – The Music Room