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I’m Kate Hansen. I live in Mankato, MN with my husband, our 2 kids, and our 2 dogs. I’m a designer with an eye for details and a passion for making your marketing and documents work for you.

Graphic design services (and more)…

I use graphic and document design to help you tell your story. My passion is working with people and organizations to take your message, polish it, and create a beautiful design so you can proudly put it out in the world. I am focused on working with small to medium-sized organizations for marketing and document design, but I also love working on creative projects for individuals/families.

Why Blue Sun Designs?

When I was in high school, I took every art class our school offered. I loved drawing especially. One of my most favorite art projects I did in the art room at Wheaton North High School in Wheaton, IL was a piece done in pastels, inspired by the song Scarlet Begonias by the Grateful Dead. There’s a part in the song where our friend Jerry (Garcia) sings, “The sky was yellow and the sun was blue”, so I drew a blue sun in a yellow sky with trees casting shadows of dancing people. I loved that piece, and it was one of my first works I was truly proud of. So, as I was dreaming up this adventure of mine, I was driving and trying to think of what I would call it. Scarlet Begonias came on the radio, and here we are.

Blue Sun Designs brings it back full circle… back to spending so many hours excitedly hunched over a new project, back to the smell of the art room, back to fierce dedication to getting it just right.

Let’s connect!

Thanks for taking a minute to get to know me! How can I be helpful? Please reach out to kate@bluesundesigns.com or call/text 507-382-5521. Talk soon!

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photo credit: Rochelle Ament

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