When you partner with Blue Sun Designs LLC, you’re hiring:

Commitment to Quality

I’ve been said to be “hypervigilant” in my commitment to quality. That means when you trust me with your project, you can have confidence that I will take it on as my own. The impact your communications will have on your customer is my focus, and the details are what can make the difference. The visual appeal of a piece is just one part of it; I’ll also look closely to check for errors and ensure the content is well-written. You want your story out there so people find you, and I want it told well so people choose you. After all, your customer is essentially my customer too!

Personal Connection

Working with a designer should be fun! I am all about really getting to know you and your organization – maybe over coffee (or a pint) – so I truly understand and become a part of your team, working toward your success. Communication while we work together is essential, which is why you won’t go more than a few days without an update when we’re in the thick of your project. I’ll listen to your feedback, collaborate with you to generate new ideas, and engage in a creative back-and-forth so your story truly shines.

Honesty & Integrity

You deserve a designer that is open and transparent during your project. Your proposal and contract will spell out the details, so you know exactly what to expect as we work together. On top of that, I believe in fairness in billing; your initial contract for services will be based on my estimate of the time I will spend to create something just right for you. Then, I will track my time, and you will only be billed for the actual time spent on the project. That means if we take less time than I thought, you save money. But, if during the course of the project I think we’re heading toward exceeding the original estimated time, we’ll talk about it so you can make a decision. You can expect an honest, clear, and transparent process from start to finish.

Environmental Responsibility

We get just one Earth, and now more than ever, it needs our love. Taking care of our planet is a part of my every day decision-making, whether it’s in my personal life or my business. Whenever possible, I use a print provider that uses FSC Certified paper, plant-based inks, and makes a ton of other choices that keep our planet healthier. When shipping, I use minimal, eco-friendly packaging and shipping labels. Plus, I put my money where my mouth is: a portion of every dollar you spend with me is donated to responsible environmental organizations.

sustainable packaging

“Thank you, Kate!  Your turnaround time is amazing.  Thank you for all of your hard work to meet this tight deadline.  The final product far exceeded my expectations!” – Tracy Corcoran, Mankato Area Public Schools